About Blue Sky Group

What Makes Us Unique

Blue Sky Group and our diverse network of professionals work directly with our clients and their service providers (CPA’s, lawyers, business managers, money-managers, bookkeepers, payroll services, spouses and family) to provide family-office services.

Blue Sky Group’s professionals work regularly with service providers and clients for business and catalog valuations, estate plan consulting, investment advice, insurance needs and litigation management on a fee for service basis as needed.

Our Mission

Blue Sky Group’s mission is to provide maximum return on the talents and assets of its clients while protecting them from the business and personal risks that they take each day.

Utilizing the diverse skills executives who have years of experience in the professional services industry, Blue Sky Group gives the artist, athlete and executive more freedom and time to pursue their creative, athletic or business endeavors while knowing that they now have a higher safety net.

Our Concept

The Blue Sky Group combines the skills, knowledge and contacts of seasoned professionals in key sectors of the artists, executives, and athletes’ busy life to provide “family-office” solutions that will last a lifetime.

Our Expertise

Most business management companies in the entertainment industry have a background as a CPA, accountant or certified financial planner (CFP). However, Blue Sky Group professionals’ wide range of experience and expertise allows us to offer business management oversight services along with legal, real estate, insurance and financial services. Our founders have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the entertainment business, its challenging cash flow and royalty issues as well as the knowledge and experience to integrate with the financial planners and asset protectors to help keep the “down-curves” less steep and the “up curves” safer. Given the intertwining nature of the entertainment business and the legal and financial fields, the ability to fluidly speak all of these languages provides a unique advantage to clients that no other business management firm to date has to offer.

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